Fiddleleaf - Waterpod Hydrolea
Hydrolea quadrivalvis - Walter
Hydrophyllaceae (Waterleaf Family)



Fiddleleaf is a perennial herb with smooth stems (sometimes hairy). Its preferred habitat is around and in shallow water, swamps, marshes, ditches, streams, and lakes. Distribution is throughout the coastal areas of the Escambia region. Four species are found in this area, the above, H. corymbosa, H. ovata, and H. uniflora.

The leaves are in an axillary cyme, elliptic to lance-like that measure several inches long, short leaf-stalks. Often the succulent stems are armed with conspicuous spines. The upper side is green with a prominent mid-vein with numerous side veins

The flowers are located in the leaf axil. The flowers are bisexual in nature and radially symmetrical, 5 petals that are blue in color. Each flower will have 5 stamens. Flowers occur in summer and autumn.

Fruit is an oval to ovoid capsule, often with a persistent calyx, and containing numerous minute seeds.

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