Wildflowers of the Escambia
Darryl N. Searcy

Hello! Let me welcome you to Wildflowers of the Escambia.

When I officially retired and made the Escambia my permanent home, I quickly began to research, photograph and catalog the myriad of native growth in the Escambia region. Hundreds of findings were submitted to several universities in the hope of promoting an awareness of the clean water, fresh air, and plant life that are making a valiant stand in the face of industrial expansion; the importance of maintaining a balance between human needs and the need to maintain the vast biodiversity of the Escambia wetlands and flood plains.

This is a region tempered by warm Gulf Stream currents; a region where little has been done outside academic circles to make the public aware of the heritage plants, shrubs and trees that thrive here; subalpine under the Smoky Mountains; rich delta from the Tensaw to the Black Water River made semi-tropical by the Gulf of Mexico; a region of rich hardwood and pine forests; a region of diverse culture following British, Spanish and French landlords; each introducing new plants that quickly naturalized where the land was cleared; creating new habitats. These things must be preserved for future generations.

Pictures of many of our native and naturalized plants may be seen in a lobby display at the Public Library in Brewton, Alabama, as well as a web site that depicts spring, summer and autumn galleries. Those sites notwithstanding, I thought you might like to see more in the comfort of your home through your computer browser. All the wildflowers seen here are alive and growing in Panhandle Florida and the connecting counties of Alabama. Many of them are not rare but rarely seen by the public because of their preferred habitat; bogs, pine woods, back waters of creeks and rivers, limestone sinks and pocosins.

It is the sincere wish of all people involved in this study that these pages will not only bring education and beauty into your home through the picture displays, but will offer you many hours of enjoyable viewing.

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