White Boneset - White Thoroughwort
Eupatorium album Linnaeus
E. stigmatosum, E. petaloideum and E. glandulosum.
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family

White Boneset is also called White Thoroughwort.

The plant is a tall perennial, 2 to 3 feet. Its preferred habitat is dry pinelands, roadside embankments, moist ditches and the edge of marshy bogs. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The leaves are 2 to 4 inches long, usually folded, coarsely toothed with conspicuous veins on the under surface. The leaf is also marked with tiny translucent dots and stiff hairs.

The flowers are in flat-top clusters. The individual flower head is nearly 1/2 inch long with tapered involucral bracts. There are 5 disc flowers per head. Flowers occur in the summer.

Fruit is achene.

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