White Crown-Beard - Frostweet
Verbesina virginica - Linnaeus
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family

White Crown-Beard is an upright, hairy perennial with fleshy roots. Preferred habitat is rich woods, fields, roadsides and stream banks.  Distri-
bution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are alternate on the stem, consisting of one whole part; leaf stalks; oval to nearly lance-like, with toothed margins.  Leaf base is wedge-
shaped to rounded.

Flowers are in flat-topped clusters at the end of a flowering stem; sym-
metrical in form. Disc flowers are bisexual; white.  Ray flowers are female; 3 - 5 per head and also white. Flowering occurs in late summer and early autumn.

Fruit is an achene


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