White-eyed Vireo
Vireo griseus

The preferred habitat of White-eyed Vireo is dense shrubby undergrowth, forest edges and overgrown pastures. The song is wildly variable, having been described as "quick-with-the -beer-check!", "chick-of-the-village", and "pick-up-a-reaaaal-chick!". They also mimic the songs of other birds.

This is a small bird, quite similar to V. gilvus, but is slightly paler. The face markings are not so well defined, and it doesn't display the bright yellow colors on its chest. It has a blue-gray tinge to the head and upper body feathers that gradually turn to opaque grayish olive on the upper regions. The eye brows are yellow. The wings have two yellowish bands and one black band on the upper reach. This is an insect-eating bird frequently found near the ground. The tail is thin and pointed. The eye spectacles are yellow and the forehead is greenish/gray.

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