White-marked Tussock Moth
Orgyia leucostigma (J. E. Sm.)
Hodges 8316

                                                                          June 3, 2007

Photo left courtesy Ian Vickery, Brewton, Alabama, August 28, 2009

Identification: Covell, Moths of Eastern North America, Page 340.

Females of the species can be identified only by association with known males. The forewing is usually grayer in males and the median area is paler. There will be a blackish patch near the apex, with faint streaks below it. The white marks accent the lower sub-terminal line. Generally, the moth will be dark grayish-brown with sharp markings in the upper sub-terminal area. The sub-terminal line is almost black and will have a white spot near the bottom inner margin, as well as a whitish spot on the costal margin just above the line. The caterpillar host plants are alder, apple, birch and fir.

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