White Eyed Borer Moth
Iodopepla u-album
Hodges 9623

December 22, 2007

Male                                      (July 4, 2005)                              Female

Identification: Website ZipcodeZoo.com that describes the general nature of moths of the family Noctuidae.

Most moths are gray to brown in color and have line or spots on their wings. Some species are brightly colored. The moth is small-to-large in size, with wingspans of 2 - 4.5 cm (about 1 inch). When at rest, adults hold their wings above their bodies like a roof. All noctuids are typically nocturnal, though some species are diurnal. Most larvae feed on plant foliage, dead leaves, lichens, and fungi; many are serious forest pests. Some species are leaf miners, others are stem- or leaf-borers, and still others feed at night on plant shoots. Noctuid moths pupate in cells in soil, in plant cavities, or in silk cocoons.

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