White Poplar - Silver Poplar
Populus alba
Willow Family (Salicaceae)


White Poplar (aka Silver Poplar) is a large, much branched , introduced tree with leaves that toss in the slightest breeze to reveal a silvery-white undersides. The tree may reach a height of 80 feet or more with a trunk diameter of two feet. The leaves are two to four inches long and nearly as wide, ovate in outline, blunt tipped with scattered small teeth. The color is dark green above and densely white hairy beneath. Long leaf stalks covered with white hairs. The flowers are catkins up to three inches long, densely covered with white hairs. Male and female flowers are on separate trees. Flowers emerge in early spring.

White Poplar was probably introduced in North America in colonial times. The trees are hardy in cities and in dry areas; grows and spreads rapidly by root sprouts, sometimes becoming an undesirable weed..

The range of this tree is native to Europe and Asia. Planted and widely naturalized in southern Canada and across the United States.

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