Wild Hyacinth
Wild Hyacinth - Atlantic Camas - Eastern Camas Lily
Camassia scilloides
Liliaceae (Lily) Family

Plant is an upright, smooth perennial from a bulb. Preferred habitat is prairies, moist meadows, at roadsides, and open woods. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region except directly at seashore.

Leaves are mostly basal (occasionally one or two smaller leaves on the flower stalk); linear; no teeth and no lobes; tapers to the tip with sides less than equal.

Flowers are supported by bracts and arranged in a loose-flowered raceme (single flowers placed one above the other along the stem). Flowers are bisexual; symmetrical in shape; deep blue to bluish white. Flowers occur in the early spring.

Fruit is a triangular-globular capsule.

The bulbs of this plant were used by Indians and early explorers for food. The flower resembles the domestic Easter Hyacinth, thus the name. Both plants belong to the same family but the domestic variety is in the genus Hyacinthus, which is also known to escape cultivation. Because of its early flowering nature, the plant is often called "Snow Hyacinth."

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