Wild Comfrey
Wild Comfrey - Blue Hound's Tongue
Cynoglossum virginianum (L.)
Boraginaceae (Borage) Family


Wild Comfrey is an upright, tough-textured with clasping leaves, and flowers borne on tall stems. Its preferred habitat is rich open woods, piedmont, near streams, and wooded slopes. Distribution is occasional in the Escambia region.

The basal leaves are elliptic to ovate in form, up to 8 inches long, and widest toward the tip. The few clasping cauline leaves are restricted to the lower half of the tall stems.

The flowers are salverform in outline, 3/8 inches wide, pale blue (sometimes white). Each is borne in bractless racemes.

Fruit is a white capsule (nutlet) covered with tiny hooks.

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