Winter Cress - Yellow Rocket
Common Winter Cress - Garden Yellow Rocket - Bitter Winter Cress
Barbarea vulgaris
Brassicaceae [= Cruciferae] (Mustard) Family

Plant is an upright, branching, smooth annual or biennial. Preferred habitat is at roadsides, in fields and pastures. Distribution is throughout most of the Escambia region except in brackish surroundings.

Leaves are mostly at the base of a stem and in an alternate arrangement; con-
sisting of one whole part; stalked, reduced in size upward. Basal leaves are deeply divided into segments or lobes.

Flowers are in a raceme at the end of a flowering stem; bisexual; symmetrical; four sepals and four petals; yellow, white or pale blue; six stamens. Flowers occur in the spring.

Fruit is a two chamber capsule divided by a false partition

Rocket/Winter Cress is often confused with Black Mustard; however, this species has no commercial value, as is the case with Black Mustard. It is known that the leaf may be safely mixed with other greens for eating.

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