Witherod - Wild Raisin
Northern Wild Raisin - Withe Rod - Shonny Haw
Viburnum cassinoides
(Moschatel) Family

Plant is an upright shrub or small tree with a short trunk, compact and rounded crown of drooping branches. Preferred habitat is swamps, margin of woods, flood plains, moist soils, valleys and rocky uplands. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite; two to four inches long and less than three inches wide; widest in the center; blunt-pointed; finely saw-toothed or smooth; margins usually wavy with a prominent network of veins; broad; often hairy leaf stalk; shiny green above and yellow-green with tiny black dots beneath; turns purplish-red and orange in autumn.

Flowers are small with three rounded white corolla lobes; slightly fragrant; in branched upright clusters of many flowers each. Flowers occur in late spring and early summer.

Fruit is a drupe that is widest in the middle; sometimes nearly round; matures in autumn.

If the shrub is cut, new plants sprout from the roots and old branches will often arch to the soil and take root. The fruit is edible; songbirds and game birds that winter in this area are fond of the fruit. Mammals also eat the fruit in winter.

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