Woody Mint - Georgia Mint
Georgia Wild Basil - Georgia Calamint - Georgia Basil
Pennyroyal - Shruby Savory - Georgia Savory
Calamintha georgianum - R.M. Harper
Syn: Clinopodium georgianum
Lamiaceae (Mint) Family


Plant is an upright to sprawling shrub with woody stems.  Prefer-
red habitat is stream banks, mar-
gin of ponds and lakes and low woods.  Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are oblong or egg-shaped; leaf stalk; shiny green above; paler and hairy beneath; sunken midvein; leaf margins have rounded teeth. Leaf base is nearly rounded or squared; tip is tapered; rounded and slightly curved at less than a right angle.

Flowers are typical mint, arising from the leaf axis usually in a whorl of 3 - 4 blossoms that are subtended by a whorl of small and nearly horizonal leaves; bracts are similar to leaves. The calyx is symmetrical; three lobed. The corolla is pink to light purple; lower lip is spotted with darker purple. Stamens number four to six.

Fruit is a schizocarp (an ovary with two or more seed chambers in which the seed chambers separate at maturity).

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