Yeatesia - Yellow Bractspike
Yeatesia viridiflora
Acanthaceae (Petunia) Family

Yeatesia is one-of-a-kind in science. The plant is an upright, simple or branched herb. Distribution is occasional throughout the Escambia-Conecuh region. Its preferred habitat is moist pinelands, flood zones, and stream banks.

The leaves are opposite on the stem, consisting of one whole part, short leaf stalks, up to 5 inches long, deep veins above, hairy beneath. The base is wedge-shaped and the tip is short-pointed.

The flowers are white or pink in color, solitary or clustered, arising from the leaf axil or in terminal spikes. The bracts supporting the flower are hairy. The corolla is 3 or 4 lobed, 2 stamens. Flowers occur in the summer.

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