Yellow-Striped Armyworm
(Also known as Cotton Cutworm)
Spodoptera ornithogalli (Gn.)
Hodges 9669

November 26, 2007

May 2007                                                                 July 2010

   Photos courtesy Pete Williams,
Gulf Breeze, Florida -- August 2010

Identification: Covell Moths of Eastern North America, Page 134. The forewing is brown with bluish-gray shading inside the ante-median line and near the apex and anal angle. Oblique yellowish line extends from the costa across the orbicular spot and beyond the vein Cu (cubitus) almost to the post-median line. There will be white marks below the reniform spot that forks to form a sideways Y. The lower median area is dark gray or orange-yellow. The hindwing is translucent white. The caterpillar host plants are clover, grasses, potato, and tobacco.

June 24, 2008

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