Yellow Jessamine
Carolina Jessamine - Poor Man's Rope
Gelsemium sempervirens - (Linnaeus) W. T. Aiton
Gelsemiaceae (Jessamine) Family

Plant is a high-climbing woody vine of fence rows, woods, thickets and disturbed areas. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region and very common in most parts of the South, frequently found in abandoned fields. Its flowers, leaves and roots are poisonous and may be lethal to livestock.

The leaves are opposite, consisting of one whole part, short leaf stalks, evergreen, lanceolate, no teeth and no lobes. The tip is acute to acuminate, with base cuneate (wedge shaped) to rounded.

The flowers are in axillary clusters, sometimes solitary, bisexual in nature and symmetrical in form; 5 sepals; corolla is 5-lobed that is nearly rotate and bright yellow; 5 stamens. Flowers occur in early spring, sometimes before the last winter frost.

Fruit is oblong capsule.

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