Autumn Zephyr Lily
Zephyr Lily - Magic Lily - Atamasco Lily - Fairy Lily
Zephyranthes candida - (lindley) Herbert
Amaryllis Family

The Zephyr Lily may also be known as Water Crocus. The plant grows up to 12 inches tall in an equally wide cluster. This is a cultivated plant that escaped and persists in location for several years. The bulbs are small, less than 1/2 inch in diameter, in dense clumps.

The flowers have 6-petals that measure between 1 and 3 inches across and it blooms from late summer through fall. The preferred habitat is moist soils and partial shade.

The leaves are 8 - 12 inches long, about 1.4 inch wide.

The scape is upwards to 12 inches tall, terminated by a solitary flower. The perianth is usually white, saucer-shaped, about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. The stigma is as long as the stamens. The pink variation is Z. grandiflora, with flowers that range from pink to rose.

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